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The Qatar World  Cup 2022 is here with us. De-stress with a full-body experience or target tension in the shoulders, neck, and feet. We offer a wide range of professional facilities designed to make you feel relaxed. We offer spa massage on Deep Cleansing Facial that includes a steam session to open up and unclog your pores. This process removes excess oils, dirt and pollution from your skin’s deepest cells.

It can drain excess fluids from the face; help skincare products better absorb into the skin, and even combat wrinkles. We have the Skin Brightening Facial a hyper-active facial that includes a brightening mask for luminous and radiant skin. The restorative and brightening properties of Vitamin C are infused into the skin to reduce the appearance of pigmentation for a visibly brighter and smoother skin tone.

“Great offers on SPA massage and Nail Care Refresh Manicure, Pedicure, Manicure Pedicure Combo.”

The Body Fortifying Massage

Targeting muscular pain and restoring comfort, this deep muscle massage uses hot stones and a fortifying oil on the neck, shoulders and back to instantly alleviate deep-seated tension and provide lasting relief so you feel strong and energized.